Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dropbox for iPhone is out!

Finally the wait is over you can now download the Dropbox client for your iPhone.

The GUI is fairly uncomplicated and follows the normal standards (for instances you swipe over the file to delete it). You can mark files as favourites and the will be available when offline. Most major file types are available for viewing along with easy access to sending a link via email.

There is support for media, photos & videos are pretty nice you can quickly upload either via existing photos/videos or simple take new and send it directly.

First impression of the streaming of music is not very good though since they tried to play my mp3 as a video :)

However what I really miss i the ability to move, rename and create & share files/folders. The application will be extended with this in future versions so that is no real problem.

As for simple editing of docx,xlsx and txt files is as far as I can tell not available nor planned which is major drawback :(

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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Wait is over Spotify fot the iPhone is out!!!

Just wanted to spread the joy if you live in Scandinavia, United Kingdoms or Spain you can now download the iPhone client for Spotify (a music streaming service) provided you have a premium account with them.

This is step in the right direction for digital media distribution.

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