Saturday, August 22, 2009

Simplify Photo & Simplify Music ... It's got to be one of the coolest iPhone Apps so far!

Just felt that I had to share the joy. I just installed and tried out the coolest app to date for my iPhone (the app works for iPod Touch as well). It's a company called SimplifyMedia and they have produced a piece of streaming software available for PC,MAC and Ubuntu which let's you share your photos and music from a machine at home and then access it thrue an application called:

Simplify Photo (about 1$)
and not to mentioned what could well be a worthy rival to the long awaited Spotify iPhone/iPod client, altough you are limited to your own music collection which will most likely have trouble matching the depth and breath of Spotify's music archive.
Simplify Music 2 (about 6$)
After you've downloaded and setup an account and selected the folders to share your ready to go and can access your photos and music from everywhere.

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