Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Win7 From the Trenches: Update on running ITunes 8 in VirtualBox

Just wanted to give some feedback on running ITunes 8 in a virtualized environment, even though it works good enough I have had to revert to using my server (running Windows 2008) as my ITunes machine :) abit weird but hey I need my ITunes...

The reason for this has to do with the fact that my laptop has a wireless network adapter that do not support promiscuous mode. This results in me having to use the "NAT" feature of VirtualBox and it is simply dead slow, it is impossible to work with any kind of downloads from ITunes.

So unless your network card supports "promiscuous mode" you shouldn't use the solution describe in my previous post: Win7 From the Trenches: Getting ITunes 8 to run on Windows 7 Beta 1


  1. Is there any hype or notion that the Windows 7 final commercial release will include the necessary updates to work with Apples itunes?

  2. No hype at all, since Windows 7 RC and iTunes it has worked as a breeze for me. I also run iPhone 3GS now and it works great as a 3G modem as well.

    Let's hope iTunes 9 works as smoothly as it's rumored to be released 09/09/09 :)