Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Win7 From the Trenches: Enabling Hyper-V Remote Administration

As I've written in my earlier posts I had some problems locating the Hyper-V administration console under Windows 7 Beta 1. As it turns out it's actually quite easy (found a nice little post on the subject here).

All you have to do is download the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7
and install it, unfourtunatelly this simple puts the bits on your machine (this is what got me) and you have to explicitly enable this particular feature.

Todo this you'll have to open your control panel and click on the “Turn Windows Features on or off”, then you'll have to locate the "Remote Server Administration Tools" and under there you'll find it under "Role Administration Tools". Great so now your set to go, right?

Nopes if your like me and simply are running in workgroup mode at home the admin tool will not work very well with the hyper-v server unless you do some configuring. Personally I have given up at the moment I did follow the guidance provided by the eminient John Howard in his post: Configure Hyper-V Remote Management in seconds. It simply won't work for me and I'll give it another try once I have some time over to create an proper domain for my machines in my home network.

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