Sunday, November 16, 2008

SQL Services: Codename "Anchorage" - SyncToy Moves To The Cloud

The Microsoft Sync Framework and the SQL Services guys has teamed up to produce some rather intressting incubation projects the first one is "Codename "Anchorage":

We’re evolving the popular SyncToy application to enable much more than just file/folder synchronization between PCs! With this project, providers will be able to register and be discovered in a variety of sync groups including contacts, files, favorites, videos, as well as synchronization across services such as the Live Mesh,,, and more. Powered by the Microsoft Sync Framework - this E2E and hub for sync providers has value for both consumers AND developers...
This project aims to provide syncronization between services. It's a provider based model that allows us to create so called sync groups to allow for greater flexibility when dealing with multiple sources and heterogenous data. At first glance I looks like this should really be integrated with Live Mesh.

Unfortunately the download link is still not public so I guess we will have to wait and see what gives, I'll probably post some more on this topic once the bits are available.

For more information about the "Anchorage" and other interesting SQL Services incubation projects be sure to keep tabs on SQL Services Labs

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