Sunday, November 9, 2008

TFS Power Tools October 2008 are available for download

The October release of TFS Power Tools are now available for download here unfourtunately the are abit delayed since it's already November :)

You can read more about it in this post by Brian Harry.

My personal favourite this time is the Team Member feature which lets you interact with your team members straight from within the Visual Studio IDE. You can also do things such as viewing theire checkin history, shelvesets and pending work.


  1. Could you explain how to get the Team Member thing to show its ugly head? I have installed the power tools both on the client and the server machines, and the only thing which is new which shows up is the Work Item Templates.

  2. I must have had a problem with the Client install from before. I reinstalled the Power Tools for the client, and I am fine now.

  3. Good to hear Alan and it saves me some digging around :) I was about to start looking tonight.