Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DropBox an alternative to Live Mesh

A while back when Microsoft announce there Live Mesh services I was really excited until I signed up for a Beta account and where informed about the sad fact that once again we poor swedes have to wait since it's a US only thing for starters...

Anyway I stumble upon an alternative called DropBox which offers a similar service for syncing and sharing files. It works in an hetrogenous environment with clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. You get 2GB for free and then you can upgrade to 50GB for $99/year.

However it is not a full replacement for Live Mesh since at the moment they have no public API (altough they are hinting that there will be one soon). and DropBox lacks support for mobile devices at the moment. Live Mesh also has the whole live desktop experience and deep integration with the other services in the live family.

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