Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Creating amazing presentations using a zoomable canvas (pptPlex)

I've been focusing more and more on how to create efficient and goodlooking presentations last year and recently I stumbled upon a really amazing addin called pptPlex which lets you create a zoomable canvas for your presentation.

The addin comes from the "Office Labs" team at Microsoft and lets you create a presentation where you can have an intelligent background that presents the bulk of you slides in an intelligent way giving the audience an overview of what the talk is about and then we can start zooming in to the various sections.

These presentations can also be very interactive since it becomes very easy to quickly jump between sections in your presentation without having to break out from presentation mode. Another really neat thing about this is that we can zoom in on the stuff in our slides so if we are presenting charts and such that are high on detail a quick mouseclick will let you blow up the numbers on the screen.

You could also use this technique to load up your presentation with all the esoteric stuff that you might or might not need and shove them away in a corner of the canvas, then if a question arises you quickly zoom in and bring up a slide about it.

If you want to see more of these kinds of presentations be sure to google on TouchWall which is multitouch based presentation screen which lets you do really cool presentations (altough the are not yet available to the average mortal) you can view a demo made by Bill Gates ealier this year here.

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