Thursday, December 20, 2007

TfsBuildLab v1.1 is released!!!

Just in time for christmas we have finnished up what is likely to be the last version (unless you guys using it request any new features or find any defect) since TFS 2008 is out there with most of the functionality covered. Altough TfsBuildLab is still a viable solution for all you guys that are unable to upgrade.

You can download the latest release form here

Some statistics since the start (didn't have the time to do the graphs this time):
We have been dog fooding TfsBuildLab in production since 2007-04-24 on a several projects the largest of them consisting of 5 parallel development branches each containing aproximately 10 000 source files.

4969 Automatic cleanups
2511 Scheduled builds
2238 Continous integration builds

What's new in version 1.1?

We have improved the errorhandling dramaically in this release as well as tried to include more contextual information in the logs.


* Added support for multiple build servers assosiaed to a trigger.
* Added support for status notifications out build completion.
* Fixed problem with to many changeset involved in build failure notifications when * checkin occurs at the same time as a build is failing.

Admin Client

* Overview of scheduled builds for a team project.
* Support for multiple reports on the dashboard.
* Add transaction support when copy config, this addresses the problem of caches becoming corrupt.

Notification Client

* Support for notification on assignment changes to work items.
* Fixed problem with the configuration no always being persisted.

Please let us know if you are using it, if you have trouble using it or if you have any requests for features. All feedback is wecome.

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