Thursday, December 20, 2007

TfsBuildLab v1.1 is released!!!

Just in time for christmas we have finnished up what is likely to be the last version (unless you guys using it request any new features or find any defect) since TFS 2008 is out there with most of the functionality covered. Altough TfsBuildLab is still a viable solution for all you guys that are unable to upgrade.

You can download the latest release form here

Some statistics since the start (didn't have the time to do the graphs this time):
We have been dog fooding TfsBuildLab in production since 2007-04-24 on a several projects the largest of them consisting of 5 parallel development branches each containing aproximately 10 000 source files.

4969 Automatic cleanups
2511 Scheduled builds
2238 Continous integration builds

What's new in version 1.1?

We have improved the errorhandling dramaically in this release as well as tried to include more contextual information in the logs.


* Added support for multiple build servers assosiaed to a trigger.
* Added support for status notifications out build completion.
* Fixed problem with to many changeset involved in build failure notifications when * checkin occurs at the same time as a build is failing.

Admin Client

* Overview of scheduled builds for a team project.
* Support for multiple reports on the dashboard.
* Add transaction support when copy config, this addresses the problem of caches becoming corrupt.

Notification Client

* Support for notification on assignment changes to work items.
* Fixed problem with the configuration no always being persisted.

Please let us know if you are using it, if you have trouble using it or if you have any requests for features. All feedback is wecome.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Update your old Team Project portals to use the new WSS 3.0 look and feel

I am by no mean an expert on Windows Sharepoint Services, but never the less we wanted to upgrade to WSS3.0 when we switched to using TFS 2008 and this proved to have some quirks that needed some sorting out.

After you have upgraded you TFS 2005 installation you need to upgrade the WSS 2.0 installation manually (this is not part of an upgrade). To do this you can read the following post, it refers to the Beta version of TFS 2008 but the procedure is the same.

You'll need the prescan tool to perform the upgrade as well. You can find more details about this in the documentation section Upgrading SharePoint Products and Technologies for Team Foundation Server

Once you have upgraded your sharepoint installation you will notice that the old projects doen't quite look as slick as any new project portals you create...

As you can see below the new sites created have alot of new navigational features that will make your users life easier such as the sites section on the quicklaunch and the top bar (the tabs) is handled more correctly and it has a slicker look (atleast in my opinion)...

To get around this you need to do the following steps (this is a solution that works for companies that have a not to large number of Team Project portals since it involves some manual steps):

Step 1: Navigate to your portals site settings and then from the look and feel menu select the option Reset to site definition (as shown in the picture):

make sure that you reset all the pages in your site

This will make the site look like a newely created project portal, unfourtunately it will also break a few things that you'll need to fix manually.

As you can see the Process Guidance link and the Reports link have dissapeared. Also the Team System logo on the top of the page has vanished (this I have no clue on how to fix at the moment).

Step 2: Navigate to the site settings of your site and under the look and feel section select the Top Link Bar and remove all links that are not subsites (Home, Documents and Lists, Create, Site Settings and Help).

Step 3: Navigate to the site settings of your site and under the look and feel section select the Quick Launch and remove all none wanted links (typically Pictures, Lists, Discussions and Surveys).

Step 4: Recreate the Process Guidance section in the Quick Launch sidebar


Step 5: Recreate the Reports section in the Quick Launch sidebar

Step 6: Then add the links to the reports you had previously, for example to add the Bug Rates report.

That is it, please comment if there are better ways todo this I'd love to get some pointer on how to do this easier (I guess you could do it by scripting?).

Finally if you have a bunch of highly customized templates that you are using you can find more information about how to covert them to WSS 3.0 in the Upgrade Toolkit for Windows SharePoint Services Sites and Templates Guide which was pointed out to me by the nice folks at Microsoft.