Sunday, October 14, 2007

TfsBuildLab v1.0 is out there !!!

Finally we are feature complete as we intended it to be from the start (download it from here) we missed out intended deadline by almost 3 weeks :( (before 22/9) but for a sparetime project it still is decent... We have now been dog fooding TfsBuildLab in production since 2007-04-24 on a several projects the largest of them consisting of 5 parallel development branches each containing aproximately 10 000 source files.

Some statistics since the start (didn't have the time to do the graphs this time):

2998 Automatic cleanups
1554 Scheduled builds
1359 Continous integration builds

And here's how it looks over time:

What's new in version 1.0?


* Automatic rescheduling when adding new scheduled trigger.
* A report for displaying statistics from the triggers and retention policies.
* Support for overriding build script parameters both for CI and queued builds.
* Support for only deleting the build drops.
* Support for configuring retention policies based on build quality.
* Performance improvements by introducing caching

Admin Client

* Added feedback when delteing multiple builds.
* Support for forcing recaching on the server.
* Support for overriding build script parameters on queued builds.
* Support for overriding build script parameters on triggers.
* Added range paramters when listing log entries to limit the result data.

Checkin Policies

* Removed the need for TfsBuildLab when using the restricted paths policy.

Build Task

* New custom build task to use overloaded parameters (LoadOverriddenProperty)

Please let us know if you are using it, if you have trouble using it or if you have any requests for features. All feedback is wecome.

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