Friday, October 12, 2007

Removing the process guidance link from your portal

Just another small post about the team project portal and the layout. If like we don't have the possibility to produce the kind of flashy process guidance that comes with the SharePoint templates provided by Team System, but still have to modify the actual process (i.e. you can't use the one provided out of the box) you might want to remove the incorrect process guidance from your portals to avoid confusion.

It is not that hard once you understand that you need to use Frontpage 2003 to edit the behaviour of your portals. So here are the steps to remove the process guidance like from an already created portal.

1, Open site in question
2, Open default.aspx for editing
3, Select the process guidance and the row below.
4, Right click and select cut
5, Save chanes made to default.aspx

That's it! But don't forget to remove the document library containing the guidance as well. Obviously it's better to actually modify the process guidance documentation or provide you own and create a new SharePoint template that's assosiated with your process template, but we are not always granted the luxury of being able to do all this during an incremental rollout of a major product like Team System.

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