Monday, July 23, 2007

TfsBuildLab goes Beta 1

Finally it's released download beta 1 from here ... I started this project together with with Mathias Olausson in the begining of april and now it's finally time to release the first public beta version :)

What is TfsBuildLab then? It's and extention for Microsoft Team Foundation Server to provide additional functionallity to simplify day to day operations such as:

  • Continous Integration
  • Automatic Build Cleanup
  • Build Scheaduling
  • Build Queueing

It's loosley based on the Orcas continous integration specs which will easy the transition to use the native functionality once it's there and we will provide a migration tool once Orcas gets closer to being released.

We have been dog fooding this codebase in production since 2007-04-24 on a several projects the largest of them consisting of 5 parallel development branches each containing aproximately 10 000 source files.

Some statistics since the start:

  • 1251 Automatic cleanups
  • 551 Scheduled builds
  • 597 Continous integration builds
You can also examine these statistics over time in the followin diagram:

If there is anything you want to know about this project get in touch with us, any feedback is wecome.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    do you have any idea what is causing the issue that people are experiencing once they've installed TFSBuildLab:

    Any ideas? If I can't resolve it soon I'm going to have to go with another CI build solution - which would be a shame as I'm really keen to use TFSBuildLab and help support it (i.e. make sure it works with Scrum for Team System)

    Many thanks,

    Howard van Rooijen