Friday, April 6, 2007

Some usefull links when dealing with notifications in TFS

I've been working with TFS Notification Services lately and figured I'd post the links I've found usefull when trying to get this to work the way I want. The first place to look should be "Filtering Team Foundation Server Events" in the MSDN documentation

Here comes a collection of good to have links on the subject, enjoy:

Naren Datha (Microsoft)
FAQ on VSTS subscriptions and common problems

Jeff Atwood (Vertigo)
Subscribing to Team Foundation Server Events

Howard van Rooijen (Conchango)
Team Foundation Server Notification Web Services: Visual Studio 2005 Project Template

Mathias Olausson (Callista Knowledgebase)
Using BisSubscribe.exe for Team Foundation Server notifications

Subodh Sohoni as SEED InfoTech
Articles on Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)

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