Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recreating your WIT database (part 3/3)

So to round of this subject there are some alternative approaches that you can use.

Moving source control contents, this approach consists of creating a temporary project where you can host a copy of your source controlled contents during the recreation of the project the steps to do this are:

1, Create a new team project.

2, Move all your folders directly under the root of your team project to the new team projects root and checkin the changes.

3, Delete the project using TfsDeleteProject.exe.

4, Recreate the project with the desired process template.

5, Move back all your folders from your temporary team projects to the newly created project and checkin the changes.

The major drawback with this is that you will get a alot of activity in your merge process due to the fact that all files in all branches will get marked as changed and if you like us have a branch intensive environment this simply is not possible.

Finally you should look at the upcomming power tool TFS migration toolkit the team that is responsible for this tool has a blog where you can keep yourself updated on the progress. The migration toolkit is looking promising in alot of areas (one being the possiblity to perform a move of the source control database between projects with out affecting the contents in it).

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