Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recreating your WIT database (part 1/3)

Been awhile since I posted something now, I'll blame the weather :). Spring has come to Sweden and it's really lovely so it has mainly been gardening and not so much messing about with blogging and Team System.

Anyway today is a cloudy day so what could be better then posting something about our adventures concerning work items and customized process templates. When we first decided to adopt Team System as our source control and collaboration system we decided to move ahead quickly and just implement the source control parts and deal with the rest at a later date.

Boy was this a misstake, if you intend to not use the default process templates based upon MSF you must spend some time thinking through what you want to change since in version 1 of TFS there is no easy way of reversing your choices once you've created your team project.

I'll describe a way to recreate the WIT database for your team project without loosing your source control data, but remember that this solution is not for the faint of heart :) and as someone told me:

You should be clear that any messing around with TFS at that level is inherently complex and error prone (and not recommended :))

Well with that out of the way here are the documentation you need to have read through and made certain it works on your installation of Team System before proceeding:

How to: Back Up a Team Foundation Server

How to: Restore Team Foundation Server Data

Also I recommend that you read about and perform a move of your TFS so you got experience in disaster recovery in case anything goes awry:

How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Environment to Another

Well that should be enough with the saftey stuff in the next post I'll explain how to actually perform the magic...

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