Friday, March 23, 2007

Branching guidelines for TFS

Well spring has finally come to Sweden (which makes it even harder to find the time actually sit down a do som blogging) the weather today has been absolutely fantastic.

Anyway, Microsoft recently published a document on codeplex (kind of an odd distribution channel) which had been very useful to have when we setup shop with team system. There are alot of issues that needs to be considered and weighed when implementing a source control system in your development process.

So go ahead and download a copy of Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance.

I also though I'd take the opportunity to write down some other useful links when we are on the subject of branching and merging. Maybe someone will be spared the work of assembling the information...

Chris Birmele wrote a good whitepaper (it's mentioned in the guidance document aswell) Branching and Merging Primer which gives you a good start if you are new to the concepts.

Steve St Jean wrote an excellent document on the migration from VSS to TFS which you should read and consider to use (I'll save you the trouble of compiling your own for you developer teams) From VSS to TFS.

If you are like me and like to know the inner workings of things you should check out the writings of Eric Sink Source Control HOWTO there is alot of food for thought in them when it comes to the basics of source control.

Chuck Walrad & Darrel Storm wrote a very good piece on branching models and how to use them The importance of branching models in SCM

Brian Harry blogged about how they have organised themselves at Microsoft and the type of branching models the apply Branch structure in Developer Division at Microsoft

Last but not least you need to check out the postings on the subject of branching and merging by Mitch Denny he has written alot about this which I encourage you to read:

      The Terminology of Branching
      Concurrent Development with Branching
      Reducing Source File Contention with Branching
      Implementing Quality Gates with Version Control

If you haven't already done so you should probably read the following book by Vincent Maraia, the book is a goldmine of information based practical experience: The Build Master: Microsoft's Software Configuration Management Best Practices

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